Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System

Photography with the Wine Country Camera Filter-Holder-System - Part I


Why a Filter-Holder-System?

Buy expensive high quality filter just once - with the right adapter you can use the filter-holder on nearly every lens.

With a filter-holder graduated neutral density filter can be used. Further, some filter-holder-systems - as the Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System - are able to adjust the CPL at every time.

Introduction of the Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System by Wine Country Camera.

After research I decided to buy the Wine Country Camera Advanced 100mm Filter Holder Kit for 100-mm-Filter. As followed I will give you my personal experience with the system. My opinion is free and unsponsored.

Part I - Unboxing

Overview on the Wine Country Camera Filter-Holder-System: Box, etui for filter holder (top right) and the Wine Country Camera Vault (bottom right).

The WCC Advanced Kit - What you get

  • Filter Holder

  • CPL Filter

  • ND-Vault for 100-x-100-mm-Filter

  • Grad-Vault for 150-x-100-mm-Filter

  • Nylon case for the filter holder

  • Nylon case for filter

The Filter Holder

The filter holder is mainly made of aluminum. Some smaller parts are made of brass, steel and plastic. The side handles are made of rosewood and give the filter holder a noble finish. Since the handles are made of wood, they have the advantage that they can be touched at temperatures below 0 ° C without any problems. Furthermore, they are ergonomically shaped and therefore have good handling. In addition, the handles serve as a lens hood by blocking incident light from the side.

The CPL Filter

The WCC system has its own Circular Polarizer polarizer, which can only be used in conjunction with the WCC filter holder. The filter has on the outside a toothing, which engages the gear transmission of the filter holder, so that you can adjust the filter via the knob of the filter holder infinitely to regulate its action.

ND and GND-Vaults

The filter holder can be equipped with a total of three Vaults, which are filter carriers. The rearmost compartment of the filter holder can accommodate only a 100 x 100 mm carrier. The design of the filter holder and the filter carrier closes light-tight and thus prevents unwanted light leaks in long exposures. The two front slots can accommodate both types of filter carriers.

By locking the respective slot on the filter holder and a fuse insert on the filter support is a dropping out or slipping a filter practically impossible. Each slot is provided with a latch that holds the inserted carrier in place. By pressing the corresponding red release button, you can move the respective filter carrier within the slot.

A wine coin - a rotatable brass coin - acts as a barrier to the filter used. It prevents the filter from falling out of the carrier.

On the left you see a 100x100 ND Vault and on the right a 150x100 Vault for GND . The filigree embossing of the Wine Coin, as well as its light patina contributes to the noble vintage look of the system.

Nylon case for the filter holder

Exactly the case adapts to the shape of the filter holder and is a safe storage place for the filter holder.

Nylon case for filter

Just like the nylon case of the filter holder, this nylon case provides a secure storage for Vault filter holders and filters.

The unboxing of the WCC filter holder system by Brian Matiash shows the system in moving images and provides additional background information.

With the first part of my series on the Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System I hope to have given you a first overview of the system. A report on my practical experience with Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System follows.

What experiences have you made with filter holder systems?

Which filters do you use? About comments and suggestions, I am happy, as well as about likes.